Vehicle signage

Vehicle signage and wrapping

Signage on your vehicle is a great way of promoting your business while you’re on the move, sitting in traffic or parked up for the day. A one-off cost for a return of years of advertising makes vehicle wrapping a sensible choice for most budgets.


As every vehicle is different and every requirement is different, each vehicle wrap or standard vehicle sign writing project needs to be quoted individually, but to give you an idea of costs, here are a few guide prices, excluding GST:

  • Door decals (x2)

    $ 275
  • Tray sides (x2)

    $ 325
  • Tray tailgate sign

    $ 180
  • One way vision - ute

    $ 150
  • One way vision - car

    $ 225
  • One way vision - van

    $ 300
  • Half car wrap

    From $ 1,800
  • Full car wrap

    $ POA
  • Half van wrap

    From $ 2,800
  • Full van wrap

    $ POA
  • Bonnet wrap

    $ 500
  • Roof wrap

    $ 500
Prices are subject to GST



Half car wrap – half of the vehicle wrapped, the other half left its original colour. 





Full car wrap – every painted surface of your car covered, including the roof.




Half van wrap – printing covering the rear half of your van including the tailgate. Or of course, the front half, including the nose.





Full van wrap – every painted surface of your van covered, excluding the roof which is rarely seen. A typical van size for this price would be a Ford Transit or Hyundai iLoad.





Tray-back ute sides – printed aluminium composite panels covering both sides of your tray. These are sandwiched between the tray and the hinges giving a clean look.


Tray tailgate – printed aluminium composite panel covering the tailgate of your tray. This is sandwiched between the tray and the hinges giving a clean look.


Door decals – logos on both of the front doors.


One way vision – printed, perforated film applied to your rear window. This is also often used on the side window of a van. You can see out easily but you can’t see in.


Top quality materials

We only use Avery MPI1105 RS wrapping vinyl, for printed car wraps. It out performs other brands in terms of ease of application and stability. 


For printed graphics applied to flat surfaces, we use Avery MPI2903.


For computer-cut work we use Orafol 751 Premium Cast Film or Avery 800 Premium Cast and Avery 900 Super Cast.


There are plenty of cheaper signage films out there but they just aren’t worth it. If you are comparing quotes, it’s worth finding out what materials are being used or a few months down the line you may find yourself starting over.

How long will it take?

On simple vehicle installs, like logos on doors and one way vision on the rear window, we only need your vehicle for a few hours, but wrapping is a different story.


We like to have your vehicle delivered to us fresh from the car wash (not waxed) the day before we are going to work on it. It needs to be fully dry before we can begin to install. There is a lot of prep work that takes place prior to wrapping; areas the car wash misses need to be cleaned thoroughly and the whole vehicle wiped over with cleaning fluid to remove every contaminant we can.


There is also a lot of work to do after the wrap has been applied. Any recesses and curves where the vinyl has been stretched need to be post-heated to 90ºC in order for the vinyl to stay in place. This heating process makes the vinyl forget its original shape and remember its new shape.


On complex wraps, up to three people may be working on your vehicle at the same time. A half wrap usually takes 1-2 days, full wraps can take longer. We are happy to work on your vehicle over the weekend if necessary to help minimise the time you will be without it.

Email me / place order

Please email any enquiries or orders to – be sure to check your spam folder for a reply if you haven’t heard back within 24hrs – thanks !


A one-off cost for a return of years of advertising makes vehicle wrapping a sensible choice for most budgets. If you invest around $1,800 on your vehicle signage and keep it on for five years, you spend approx. $1 per day on advertising. Bargain.

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