About my custom printed stickers

These are printed stickers, not cut vinyl decals. For computer-cut vinyl decals / lettering, please head here.


I supply full colour (CMYK) custom printed stickers, any size, any shape. My stickers are printed on permanent adhesive vinyl using Roland Eco-Sol inks and are fully weather-resistant for at least two years, unlaminated. If your sticker has white borders, I can print and cut in one hit. If you need full bleed, they need to dry for a day before being fed back into the machine for cutting – this pushes the price up a little.


My stickers are printed on a 1200mm wide roll then trimmed down to manageable sheets for easier handling and posting.


As printed stickers are all custom shapes and sizes, please email me for an accurate quote. I work out the cost based on how much vinyl is used and whether they are full bleed or not. To give you a rough idea, here are some guide prices per square metre. The smaller your stickers are, the more you fit on one square metre.

Printed vinyl stickers - white borders

  • 0.25 square metres

    $ 50 min. order
  • 1 - 10 square metres

    $ 145 per m
  • 11 - 25 square metres

    $ 135 per m
  • 25 - 50 square metres

    $ 125 per m
  • 50 sq/m +

    $ POA
Prices are subject to GST and do not include design / artwork

Printed vinyl stickers - full bleed

  • 0.25 square metres

    $ 75 min. order
  • 1 - 10 square metres

    $ 170 per m
  • 11 - 25 square metres

    $ 160 per m
  • 25 - 50 square metres

    $ 150 per m
  • 50 sq. m +

    $ POA

Printed stickers - clear vinyl

I can print on clear film, however the inks are not opaque, so you will see through the image with a ‘stained glass window’ effect. If you need your image to be completely opaque, you will need to print on white vinyl and create a cutter guide around the image. This may not be an option for smaller, or intricate designs. Prices to print on clear are the same as printing with white borders – please see above.

Need design?

I can design your stickers for you – just send over the details and I’ll send you a price :-)

Supplying your own artwork?

Any shape, any size – within reason!


Size – I can accurately print and cut stickers to simple shapes from about 15mm.


Shapes – Super-complex shapes take longer to cut and sharp points can catch the blade causing all sorts of havoc in my sign shed. This is not such an issue on larger stickers (bigger than 150mm), but as a rule it’s best to create a simple, smooth cutter guide.


If your stickers are an irregular shape, it is essential a cutter guide is supplied – this has to be a vector and should be editable by me in order for me to change it’s colour name to ensure my plotter recognises it.


If you are unable to create a cutter guide yourself, for instance if you are printing a JPG and don’t have software like Adobe Illustrator, I can set one up for you at a cost of $25 + GST per design.


Stickers with white borders – white borders should be a minimum of 2mm.


Full bleed stickers – Please allow at least 2mm bleed past the cutter guide.


Fonts – All text should be converted to paths or embedded into the print file. Use the highest resolution images you can. If you are unsure if your artwork is print-ready and need me to check it, please allow an extra $25 + GST


Questions? – feel free to email me

Email me / place order

Please email me or use this form to send me a message; I’ll email you back within 24 hours. I’ll only phone if you ask me to. Thanks :-)

Helpful info

Short run speciality

I specialise is printing short-run, full colour vinyl stickers. Printed on permanent adhesive vinyl, my stickers are guaranteed UV and weather-reistant in the toughest of climates for around five years.

Richard Jenner  |  Mornington Signs, 5 Bayport Court, Mornington, Victoria 3931, Australia  |  ABN  88 417 374 482